It my best friend A lesbian

My best friend has been struggling a lot with her past over the last few years. Because of this, shes really starting to try to discover herself. Last year, she started an online relationship with another girl, and when I finally found out about it, she said that the girl was hounding her and wouldnt leave her alone. That it started out as a friendship, and the girl got the wrong idea. Later, she admitted that she was confused and wondering if she was maybe gay, but at that point she said she had figured it out. That she wasnt.

So throughout all this, Ive wondered if she was attracted to me. She gets jealous of my husband, and when we drink, we sometimes all take a lot of pictures of us out and about on the town. In the pictures, she is always looking at me with this loving look and sticking her tongue out-almost licking me, and clingy.

Recently she started dating a guy that she dated in high school. Hes a nice guy, but she is always complaining about him doing things wrong and not being attracted to him. But he is a great guy, and the things she complains about are mostly excuse after conjured excuse.
To top it all off, we are in a Christian group on campus, and although we are both very accepting and one of our good friends is gay, she would be very judged by many people in the Christian community. She struggles with right and wrong, and if she was a lesbian, she might be in denial because she is afraid it is wrong.

I think that she is attracted to me, and it makes me uncomfortable because I have asked her about it, and she denies it. We spend a lot of time together, and she always wants to be touching, to have some contact. I dont know what to do, b/c it makes me so uncomfortable. If I knew for sure, I wouldnt care. I love her and she is a great friend, but being unsure makes me feel like she is using our friendship to get something else for herself. What should I do? What do you think?