Definition of body language and tips toread other' and improve your own non-verbal communication

Body language or non-verbal communication is very important in any interaction. This is also true for dating situations. Your body language tells people much more than your words can. Some people are not even aware of this. There are ways to improve your skills in this area. Follow these few tips.

Pay attention

People communicate through more than their words. Pay attention to people’s eye contact, hand gestures, body positioning, and tone of voice. Paying attention to others’ body language will improve your own.

Look for inconsistencies

When speaking to someone you might feel like what they are saying is not true. This is often because their verbal and non-verbal communication is not saying the same thing. Staring at the ground while saying you are happy and confident is not consistent.

Tone of voice

Pat attention to your tone of voice. A person’s tone of voice can tell you a lot. You can hear anger, joy, enthusiasm, disinterest, and even when someone is trying to suppress anger. Your tone of voice influences how people react to you.

Eye contact

Eye contact is very important. Good eye contact means you hold someone’s gaze for a few seconds and then look away. Avoiding eye contact can look like you are hiding something. Staring, on the other hand, can make people uncomfortable or make you seem confrontational.


For any communication, consider the context. This will give you an idea of what behavior is suitable. In a dating situation, for example, you won’t be extremely formal in what you say and do. It is a social situation. There might be some hesitation or uncertainty here and there, but that is normal when you start to get to know someone. Basically, the most important thing to do is pay attention. Keep your eyes open to see what others’ body language is telling you. Also, pay attention to what your own body language and tone of voice is telling other people. You can learn to improve your communication.
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