Dating Courses

Our aim here at EAM GCC is to equip our readers with the tools to be confident. Our courses cover everything from dressing right to people skills. We offer these courses at very good prices. We also work on the basis of ‘the more people, the less you pay’, so bring your friends along.

Our annual courses are planned 6 months ahead of time. Out instructors and speakers are all experts in their field and have first-hand experience on what their teaching.

Dating courses for 2017:

31 January – What should I wear?

This course teaches you how to shop, how to dress to suit your body and personality, and what to wear on a date. We give you step-by-step tips that you can practice and apply at home.

18 March – Body Language

This course will teach you the basics of body language. You will learn what different body positions, gestures, and eye movements mean. You will also learn to be aware of what your body is saying.

29 April – I Can’t Speak

This course is specifically for our friends who cannot speak to the opposite sex. We give you tips on what to say and how to say it. We also work on building confidence and give you exercises and homework to improve that.

3 June – How to Prepare for a Date

We walk you through the process of contacting the person, arranging a time and place, picking them up, and all the manners that go with it. We give you steps to follow to stay calm and mentally prepare yourself. We also role play several scenarios to help you be prepared.

Courses for the rest of the year will be added in a few months. Please book your place as soon as possible as space is limited. We will confirm costs closer to the time of each event.