We know most men don’t find grooming natural. It is however very important if you want to look good for your date. It is also a good idea to make sure that you put the best foot forward always. Us ladies like it when our men look good. We have a few easy tips for you to clean up your appearance.

Wash your hair

You should wash your hair 3 times a week. More than that can cause damage.


Hairstyles for baldness

If you are bald or going bald, the best style is to keep it short. This will look neat.


Keep your eyebrows trimmed. No, it is not something only women should do. Keep your face neat and looking clean by trimming those eyebrows.


To keep your skin looking good, moisturize after you shaved. It will soothe and refresh your skin.

Fold dress shirts

Every man should know how to correctly fold dress shirts. This is especially important when traveling and packing shirts. A man in a wrinkled shirt is not sexy.

Ties and knots

Ties come in different shapes and sizes. Every man should know the different types of ties and the knots that go with them.


Not all outfits go with sports jackets and you don’t want to wear a suit all the time. A blazer is a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. It can be worn for all sorts of non-formal situations.


You probably have a favorite belt, but it most likely doesn’t go with all your outfits. A belt should match your shoes and the style you are rocking.

Shine your shoes

This is important to keep your shoes in a good condition. It keeps the leather healthy and shiny.

Loafer socks

To keep your feet fresh and prevent odor, wear loafer socks.

If you do these simple things, you will be irresistible to us ladies. It is the small things that count.